Sculptural Outdoor Furniture

Creating Art in Unexpected Ways

As we turn the corner into spring, patio season feels almost tangible, and with the shift in weather comes new opportunities to make a statement in your outdoor space. What better way to do that than to incorporate a few sculptural furniture pieces? Whether you’re adding just a unique side table or opting for a full collection, it can completely transform the way you enjoy your outdoor space. The unexpected curves, colors, and angles help to create a sense of excitement and interest, ultimately doubling as both comfortable seating options and unique art.  

Today, we’re featuring some of our favorite outdoor furniture brands and showcasing their sculptural collections. From colorful pops to sleek silhouettes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit to meet your outdoor entertaining needs.

 Kettal ‘Cala’ and ‘Maia’ Collections

Though Kettal’s Cala and Maia collections each certainly have unique silhouettes, the patterns embedded within their furniture are what truly makes them stand out from the crowd. Because their designs allow light to penetrate (versus more visually heavy and solid furniture), ever-shifting shadows become visible as the sun’s arc progresses, creating naturally beautiful art that adds dimension to the overall outdoor space.

Gloster Side Tables

Gloster’s top sculptural pieces are found in their side tables, where they’ve created everything from hourglass and geometric shapes to colorful ceramic and rounded teak tables. These creations are perfect additions to any furniture – especially if you want to stick to more understated furniture but still want to add a pop of personality to the mix. The unique shapes help to keep the eye moving and allow for light to peek through at unexpected moments.

Kannoa ‘Intercoastal,’ ‘Maui,’ and ‘Nest’ Collections

With a bent towards the ultra-modern, these collections by Kannoa embrace the coexistence of visual simplicity and sculptural complexity. The Intercoastal pieces keep things feeling light and airy, but still make a statement with bold colors and eclectic silhouettes, while the Nest pieces take the idea of traditional wicker furniture and recast it in a modular and near-floating shape. Of course, the Maui chair packs a punch as well, pairing two bright shades of blue together for a whimsical splash of art that is ideal for any poolside locale.

Dedon ‘Dala,’ ‘Brixx,’ and ‘Cirql’ Collections

In these collections by Dedon, color blocking and intricate details come together for three completely unique and unexpected takes on outdoor furniture. Each style is different, yet all manage to create intriguing silhouettes that work to accentuate their surrounding environments. They master the concept of simplicity, yet still defy all expectations and norms.

Isimar ‘Paradiso’ and ‘Bolonia’ Collections

Both the Paradiso and Bolonia collections by Isimar are modular creations that harken back to a sixties-era retro vibe. Whimsy is at the forefront of each, and with their understated wire frames, the cushions seem to almost float in mid-air. It’s a visual surprise that creates a sense of openness and instantly delights.

Fermob ‘Sixties’ and ‘Ultrasofa’ Collections

Like Isimar’s collections, these pieces by Fermob embrace a retro aesthetic, prioritizing angular lines and pared-down silhouettes. Yet, despite their simplicity, they also manage to provide sculptural interest with their unexpected shapes and frames. Whether you opt for the solidity of the Ultrasofa, or prefer the airiness of the Sixties, either will be sure to give your space an instant touch of excitement.

If you’ve been looking for a way to bring a unique and artistic look to your outdoor space, look no further than these beautiful, modern collections. With the right mix of sculptural pieces, your patio will quickly become a showcase of both relaxation and entertainment – a combination we wholeheartedly support.


By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Vela Creative

Megan Johansson