Unexpected Statement Art

How to Effectively Incorporate Unique Pieces into Your Design 

While finishes are essential, and furniture is important, art is what brings life to a room. Yet, too often, we resort to what is typical and replicable in every other space. We crave individuality, so why not choose art that is unexpected? It’s the best way to bring your personality out and to keep your space feeling exactly as you like. From wall murals to multi-dimensional art, we’ve collected our favorite statement pieces to give you a starting point. Because nothing’s better than finding a piece that stops you in your tracks and makes you swoon.

Whole-Wall Murals

If you’re looking for a statement piece, a whole-wall mural is your perfect fit. Not only does it help to anchor the space visually, but it also provides a major opportunity to channel your creativity. Just remember that if you opt for a mural, it needs to be intentional and it should be the major focal point of the space. If you start adding other art around the room, it can detract from the impact of a large-scale piece and can cause the art to compete, making the space feel cluttered instead of unexpected.



From classic to contemporary, portraits come in a range of styles and are absolutely stunning in a room. Art that features an individual can be so visually arresting that people can’t help but stop and admire it. You can opt for a single statement frame that takes center stage or mix a portrait with a collection of beautiful artworks for an eclectic gallery wall. With these pieces, the opportunities are endless, and your art will always feel timeless.

Abstract Patterns & Colorful Art

Are you more of a minimalist at heart? Then go for art that features abstract patterns or bold colorful blocking. The simplicity of pieces like these makes for an understated décor element that still manages to pop against a wall. Keep everything else around your piece pared down, too, to let the clean lines of your overall design shine through.


Color Pop Art

If you love to make bold design choices and aren’t afraid to step outside the box, then art with a pop of color is just your type. These unique styles pair portrait-style shots with electric color, taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. They’re the perfect blend between modern and historical, and opting for a piece like one of these guarantees that the next time you host a party, your art will without a doubt be a conversation starter.

Textured & Multi-Dimensional Art

Interested in a completely different look for your space? Then, why not try textured or multi-dimensional art? Often seen as a collection, this style takes everyday items and transforms them into visual splendor. From hand-woven yarn pieces to gallery walls of wood or baskets, multi-dimensional art adds depth to a space, giving onlookers new and interesting perspectives whichever way they look.

Finding pieces that bring us joy and excitement is something we always strive for when choosing art. It should bring you happiness, because at its core, art is a deeply personal thing. So, as you embark on your own journey to find a statement piece, be sure to let your uniqueness take the lead. Because no space is complete without a personal touch.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Vela Creative

Megan Johansson